Bridge Pa School is a small, rural, mainstream school catering for Year 0 to Year 8 pupils.and is about 98% Maori. We promote the philosophies of Whanaungatanga acknowledging the sacredness of ALL individuals, families, hapu and iwi. The students learn, understand and appreciate the Treaty of Waitangi. As a partnership between the students, parents, staff and board we will achieve together.

Current staffing allows for three teachers and we have three classrooms; a Junior Class (Year 0-Year 2), a Middle Class (Year 3 and Year 4) and a Senior Class (Year 5 to Year 8). This varies from year to year depending on numbers. Average class sizes are around 18. Classrooms are well resourced with new, ergonomically designed pupil chairs and height adjustable tables. We have 21 computers situated in the classrooms and 5 iPads in each classroom as well.

Bridge Pa School pupils love to play sport. Pupils from the school participate in: School and Inter School Swimming Sports, school and inter-school cross country, rippa rugby, soccer, tabloid sports, softball, athletics and basketball.